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Exploring our teeth


Our teeth not only aid our food habits but also contribute to our facial structure. Growth of milk teeth in infants, their fall, growth of permanent teeth, their shape and function are interesting to observe and learn about. There is a wide variation among the teeth and other mouthparts of different animals. Comparing and associating mouthparts, especially teeth with food habits can also be an interesting activity. 


Recognise the structure and functions of our teeth

Recognise the growth pattern of teeth

Realise the causes of tooth decay 


Count the number of teeth in your mouth. Do your friends also have the same number?

Did you always have these teeth? When did you get your first teeth? Observe the mouth of an infant, an older infant, a very old person. Write a story of the teeth.

Wash your hands and move your finger over your teeth. Feel the edge of each tooth. Are all your teeth the same? How are they different?

Examine your own teeth closely in a mirror. Make a record. Mark in where a tooth is present. Leave a gap if a tooth is missing. Mark if there is a cavity or a filling.

Put a piece of biscuit in your mouth. Which teeth do you use i) while biting at first ii) while chewing it?

Bite a carrot or radish and chew it. Which teeth do you use i) while biting at first; ii) while chewing it?

Roll your tongue over your teeth before brushing your teeth in the morning. How does it feel? Now brush your teeth and again feel your teeth with your tongue. How does it feel now? Why do we brush our teeth regularly? 

Related Questions

When did you loose your first tooth? How many teeth did you loose? How long did it take to grow back again?

Does everyone's teeth fall at the same age?

Why do we have cavities in our teeth? How can we protect our teeth from cavities?

How many of your classmates have cavities?

Some animals eat grass and some animals eat meat. Do they need different kinds of teeth? How do you think their teeth differ? How are they different from our teeth?

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