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Sense Organs


Sense organs are in a sense, a gateway to the outside world. Our eyes, ears, nose, skin and tongue together help us recognise the happenings in the world around us. Be it the changing light, or the chirping of the birds, be it the smell of flowers or the taste of food, it is these organs that bring in the information. 


Discover the information gathering abilities of sense organs.

Appreciate the importance of the sense organs.

Extend to studying sense organs in other animals. 


Collect the following or similar kinds of items: a small rubber ball, a marble, a rock, a toy, a piece of cloth, a nail, a bell, a conch, an onion, etc., and put them in a bag. Blindfold your friend. Ask your friend to touch the objects and write down what information he gathers about each item. Next let him smell them. What extra information does he gather? Move the objects close to his ear. Does he gather any additional information? Let him look at them. What new information can he gather? Please dissuade your friend from jumping to conclusions and ask him to write only the information gathered at each step. If your friend had tasted the objects, what additional information would he have got?

Think of all that you did from the time you woke up till you reached school. Can you recollect which sense organs you used for doing what you did? Which was the sense organ you used most? Which was the sense organ you used the least? 

Related Questions

How many sense organs do you have?

Does everyone have the same number of sense organs?

In the absence of one sense organ, can the other sense organs take over? How?

Do other animals have sense organs? How can you find out about the sense organs of other animals?

What about plants? Do they have sense organs? How will you find out?

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