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How good is your hearing?


The sense of hearing is not the same for all. In fact, the ability to hear decreases with age. Constant exposure to very loud sounds can bring about a reduction in the hearing and sometimes results in a total loss of hearing. 


Discover that the ability to hear is different in different people.

Find out the factors that help in hearing. 


Ask your friend to sit comfortably. Drop a pin at some distance from him. Did he hear it? Measure the distance. If he heard it move back in the same direction and repeat. If he did not hear, move forward towards him in the same direction and repeat. Find out the exact distance he could JUST hear the pin being dropped. Repeat with other friends. What did your results show? (Please note that the pin has to be dropped exactly in the same way in each case ? that is from the same height and on the same material. It will help if you draw a line and move along it).

Repeat the activity to check the following. Does it matter what you drop the pin on, or from how high you drop it? Does it matter which way you friend is facing - in your direction or otherwise? Can you use the same activity to check if your friend's right ear is as good as his left ear?

From the two activities, grade the hearing of your friends' beginning with the friend who can hear the best to the friend with the poorest hearing. Try this activity with your family members too. Try to include your grand parents and other older people.

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