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Protecting your eyes


The eyes are naturally protected by the cheekbones and the forehead. Good reflexes help keep eyes away from harm. Nevertheless, good care of eyes is important to ward off infections. Good nutrition is essential for good and long lasting vision. 


To discover how eyes are protected. 


Press your palm flat against your eyes. Do they touch your eyes? How do you think the bones around the eyes help?

Bring your finger close to your eyes suddenly. (Be careful not to poke yourself). Do your eyes shut? Why do you think it happens?

Try not to blink for 2 minutes. Did you succeed? How long can you remain without blinking? How does your eye feel if you do not blink for a long time? Why do you think people blink?

Stand near a smoky place or cut up an onion. Do you observe tears in your eyes? How do you think tears help? 

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