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Exploring eyes


Human eyes come in a variety of colours, shapes and sizes. Nevertheless they perform their tasks remarkably. All parts of the eye play different but crucial roles in bringing about the sensation of sight.   


Classify eyes on the basis of shape, size, colour, etc.

Observe the eye and identify its parts.

Find out about the utility of the various parts of the eye. 


Look at your partner's eyes. Make a sketch of what you see. Similarly, look at your other classmates' eyes. Can you classify them? On what basis will you classify them? Tabulate your findings. How can you interpret your findings?

What is the colour of your eyes? What is the colour of your parents' eyes? Find out the colour of your classmates' eyes and his/her parents' eyes too. If you tabulate the results, how will you interpret them?

Stand your partner facing a window. Look at the pupils of his/her eyes. Ask him/her to keep the eyes open but cover them with his/her hands for sometime (at least a minute). Remove the hands and look at the eyes carefully. Notice the pupils. Did you observe any change? What was the change? Why?

Look at your partner's eyes. Count how many times your partner blinked in a minute. Count how many times your other classmates blink in a minute. What can you say about this exercise? Why do you think people blink? 

Related Questions

Observe the eyes of some animals. How are they different from your eyes? How are they similar to your eyes?

Do animal eyes' see better than yours? What extra capability do they have? How can you find out?

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