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Eyes as information gatherers


Most of us are so used to seeing things, that we have almost learnt to disregard the other senses. Trying to do something when the lights go off is enough to convince us of this dependence. In such a case, just imagine how a blind person manages. What all can this person do? What can he not do? 


List the variety of information gathered by eyes.

Appreciate how eyes help us in doing our work.

Find out if eyes can substitute other sense organs. 


Look around your classroom. Make a list of all you see. In addition to identifying the objects, what other information can you obtain by just looking at them? Try the same activity in the playground, park, at your house, on the road, etc.

Look around your classroom and look carefully at the surfaces of various things. Classify the things you see into these categories 1) very smooth 2) smooth 3) rough 4) very rough. After you finish, crosscheck by touching them.

Arrange all your friends in a big semicircle. Put yourself at the centre. Close your ears. Ask your friends to talk softly one by one (randomly). Can you identify who is talking? Can you also find out what is being spoken?

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How can you enhance the capability of your eyes to see

i) far off objects?

ii) Very tiny objects?

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