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Establishing the context

All of us have had some experience with the conventional school system – we have been a part of it or have come across stories about it. By a conventional or ordinary or traditional school, we mean those where the administration and teachers decide what should be taught, when and how. There is a high level of rigidity with respect to the time table, the subject content and the expected behaviour of both teachers and students. Students’ performance is evaluated on the basis of standardised tests. Extra-curricular activities do receive some attention but are often stand alone activities. Nevertheless teachers and students are made to believe that they are actually co-curricular.

It is from these ordinary schools that most of us have passed. After which we have pursued our higher studies, landed ourselves jobs and careers and consequently have ensured our livelihoods. But still when it comes to selecting schools for our children or debating on “What is good education?” , we express a lot of dissatisfaction about the conventional schools and their curriculum.

We are forever looking out for schools that are ‘different’.


Though heart of heart, we know that our schools should change, can we articulate what exactly we would change if we had an opportunity to do so?


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