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Human endeavour is a quest for happiness. Problems disturb our happiness and comfort levels. Problem situations bring about conflicts, tensions, boredom or frustrations and make us seek ways and means to overcome them. All human creations and innovations –every invention, every technique, every machine finds its origin in the disquiet that problem situations cause.

Study Groups is a forum for addressing such problem situations.

If you have encountered problems and are looking for suggestions, the study group is the place for you.

If you have not encountered problems, the study group may well spark it off, set you thinking, and help you see it.

And if you have encountered them, addressed them and solved them, the study group is the place you share your insights and guide fellow colleagues.

Study Groups will, it is hoped, catalyse an introspection of teachers’ burdens, and in the long run transform teachers into autonomous, thinking persons, in complete control of their teaching-learning. The Study Groups intend to flag issues of immediate interest to practising primary school teachers. The intent is to provide an opportunity to examine issues arising out of day to day practices in the school, textbooks, syllabi, timetables, policies, etc. The issues chosen for the Study Group will be from the various books and readings hosted on Vidya Online, so that participants can inform themselves and reflect upon the wider implications of these issues. Participants may also suggest issues to be taken up in the study groups.


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