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03: Ensuring continuity

English learning, or for that matter learning anything cannot be compartmentalized. Learning cannot happen if small doses of inputs are provided randomly. There has to be continuity in the learning processes. Classes, textbooks, vacations and different teachers in different years, come in the way of continuity. Perhaps such unwise traditions can be broken. But what if they cannot be broken? The way out is to evolve mechanisms of continuity.

To begin with, all teachers (at least all English teachers) of the school can meet and decide on the overall goals of English teaching. Common procedures and strategies can be decided upon or experimented with. Mechanisms for documenting their work and their students’ profiles (Strategy 02) can be worked out. An overlap strategy can be employed. For example, the Class 2 teacher can periodically work with Class 1 to gain a better understanding of the children she will be teaching in the coming year. A higher class teacher working with lower classes gets to know the capabilities of children who will be in her class later on. A lower class teacher working with higher classes can get to know what she needs to do to prepare her children for those classes. Together, they can evolve strategies that are beneficial to themselves and their children. If done systematically, children stand to gain enormously by this overlapping strategy.


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