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Table of contents

Strategies for reaching Level 1

In this course, Level 0 children are those starting school for the first time or those who have directly joined in Class 1 (without going through pre-school). We do not consider here the case of English as a third language (starting at class 5 or 6). We make a further assumption that the medium of instruction is English.

We seek to address the concerns of teachers of English medium schools with students from non-English speaking families. For such children, we propose possible strategies that can be employed to reach this level.

We note that no single strategy can cater to all children. We also note that no teacher can provide individual attention to all children all the time. Importantly, each class is unique and hence the strategies suggested must be thoroughly examined. Only if teachers are convinced of their usefulness, must they employ them. We hope that discussions emerging from this course will be helpful in understanding these strategies better.


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