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Table of contents

Goals for level 1

During the silent phase children must be capable of

  1. Giving one word answers to questions like “what is your name?”; “What is this?”, etc.
  2. Pointing to objects like pencil, book, box, chair; or parts of the body like eye, nose, hand, stomach, etc.
  3. Drawing or scribbling on paper; circling or marking out things in charts or picture sheets.
  4. Following simple instructions like “sit down”; “look here”; “come here”; “clap”, etc.
  5. Answering Yes or No questions like “Shall we sing?”; “Are you hungry?”, etc.

The silent phase leads to the comprehension phase, but for some children, the two phases may co-exist. During the comprehension phase, children must be capable of

  1. Listening and understanding simple sentences and catch new words
  2. Answering in chorus
  3. Reciting short poems
  4. Using short phrases (1-3 words) to respond to questions. Demonstrating more confidence in their speech
  5. Naming and labelling objects


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