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Using S5

A simple slide show system that generates presentation slides and printed handouts from the same file—it's easy!.

What can the tool do?
1. Ideal tool for text based presentations and can create presentations using a simple text editor
2. Provides a simple navigation scheme
3. Allows incremental display of text and images
4. Allows advance users to change the look and feel of the presentation

When should the tool be used?
For simple (no slide decorations and effects) text based presentations.

When should the tool NOT be used?
For presentations with complex layout. The tool cannot handle audio or video.

A tiny note about the tool
The tool is code based. If you decide not to get intimidated by the coding, you can make a presentation very quickly.

System Requirements
1. Any operating system
2. Any browser - Internet explorer, firefox, opera, ...

Download S5 1.1
Visit S5 on the web

About S5
S5 is a very flexible and lightweight slide show system started off by Tantek Çelik and improved upon by several others. S5 is released under an explicit Public Domain license (anyone can use it freely, modify it and redistribute it under the same license).


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