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Table of contents

Software characteristics

What should our wish list for presentation software be?

We presume you are new to computers or at least have not been using different software for making presentations. This presumption is important because your time and effort are very valuable and their investment should result in very effective presentations and that is the reason you are taking this course.

Presentation software should

  • allow you to make presentations, and make it fast. The intuitiveness of the tool, the straightforward ways in which they achieve results and the ease with which you can package and present are important criteria.
  • have features, which serve your needs. You might like to make drawings, simple and complex, display tables and graphs, insert photographs, audio, and video. Of course the more the number of features, the more complicated the software is likely to become. In such cases, you would want to acquire familiarity with many presentation tools (best suited for your purpose) than make do with an all in one jumbo presentation tool.
As you work with the presentation software, you are bound to demand more from it. It is also likely that the software you are using cannot achieve that. You will have to hunt out a more advanced version of the software or even other software.


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