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Understanding Children

We have all been children some time back. We see children around us at all times. Yet, we parents and teachers, in spite of our constant attempts, find it difficult to understand children. Each child being unique, it is only by constant observation and interaction that we can hope to fathom their mind.

No education is possible if we do not understand children.This is all the more true in early childhood and primary education. We need to discover ways of connecting to children.

These calvin and Hobbes comic strips which powerfully convey the difference in adult’s and children’s perspectives can act as a starting point for debating this issue. No child is perhaps as articulate as 6 years old Calvin. But the strips show how unreasonable adults can be at times; how unthinking they are while responding to children’s queries or how harsh they are when killing their imagination or play.  

Will children grow up to be brats if not corrected or restrained when they are young? How do we know if our corrections and restraining is not killing their individuality and creativity?

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