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Namma Samskruti [190 KB]
C. Rajagopalachari, Translated by N. Kasturi
A translation of Our Culture by Rajaji. He engages with the concept of samskruti in its full glory. Once the physical and emotional needs of a person are taken care of, it is the culture that adds weight to the personís character. He defines culture as the habit of successful self-control.

Three Days to See [33KB]
Helen Keller Translated by K G Rajalakshmi
Helen Keller, blind and deaf from infancy wonders what she would like to see if her eyesight were restored for just three days.

The Man Who Planted Trees [79KB]
Jean Giono; Translated by Leela Garadi
A heart-warming story of a man who cut himself from society and went about planting a forest. His Herculean efforts brought life and fertility to a barren land. A simple story depicting the power of conviction!

The Parrotís Training [44KB]
Rabindranath Tagore; Translated by K G Rajalakshmi
The Parrot's Training is a thought provoking critique of the education system and its effects on children.

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