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Gul Mohur

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Noticeable Features

  1. Striking ornamental trees with a flat treetop in the tropics
  2. Large scarlet flowers with spoon shaped petals and prominent flower cup
  3. No longer a hot favourite but can still be seen in parks and roadsides in almost every city or town
Fact File
Distribution in India (wild) Not a native tree
Type Medium-sized deciduous tree with a airy canopy
Peak flowering season Peaking in May and hence also called May flower
Flower Large with four scarlet and one slightly larger yellow or white streaked petals emerging from thick and fleshy sepals, yellowish-green below and a matching scarlet above.
Fruit Flat long green pods which turns hard and dark brown when ripe
Leaves Handsome twice-feathered leaves
Bark Light brown not very rough
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