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Noticeable Features

  1. Leaves shaped like camel hoof
  2. Large showy flowers in various shades of pink or white
  3. Ornamental medium sized tree found in parks or as avenue trees. Prominent species: Bauhinia variegate (spring flowering) and Bauhinia purpurea (flowering before winter)
Fact File
Distribution in India (wild) All over in the plains and plateau, except the desert.
Type Small tree with thin ascending branches and full leaf cover
Peak flowering season Bauhinia variegate: spring; after the cold season
Bauhinia purpurea: before winter
Flower Bauhinia variegate: Five large petals. The centre petal is differently coloured
Bauhinia purpurea: All petals are of the same colour and shape
Fruit Pods; long and flat; noticeable differences in the two species.
Leaves Typical camel hoof shaped. Bauhinia variegate: broader.
Bauhinia purpurea: longer
Bark Bauhinia variegate: Dark grey with black patches; rough
Bauhinia purpurea: ashy grey, fairly smooth when young
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