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Noticeable Features

  1. New leaves are red and hang down limp until they acquire their full grown status of deep-green shiny leaves.
  2. The yellowish orange flower clusters grow not only at twig ends but also directly from branches.
  3. A much revered tree planted in homes and parks.
Fact File
Distribution in India (wild) Evergreen forests (Western Ghats and Eastern Himalaya)
Type Small evergreen tree with a dense-leaved, rounded canopy
Peak flowering season Before the hot season
Flower Start yellowish-orange, turn orange and finally crimson. flowers don’t have petals; what appear as petals are the calyx lobe.
Fruit Pod with 4-8 smooth grey seeds. Seeds germinate easily.
Leaves Drooping compound leaves. A foot long, compound with even leaflets, 4-6 pairs. No terminal leaflet
Bark Dark brown or greyish brown
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